A great day!

The yucky, evil seizure monster gave Becca a birthday present yesterday. She had a good day. Now granted a good day for her entailed two seizures (one cluster of head drops, and one other fairly mild event), but still it was a good day with regard to seizures. That is a huge blessing.
This morning, before she has even gotten out of bed she has had a more severe seizure, to which she is currently “sleeping off”.
Things change day-to-day – hour by hour with epilepsy. But we take our great days when we get them. And a not so good start to the day doesn’t mean the rest of our day will not be awesome.

I also have developmental news to brag about. On Wednesday we opened a present that came in the mail. I opened the outer box and let Becca have at the gift bag inside. Other than a brief interest in the tissue paper, from which she was easily re-directed, she pulled out items and opened her own present. It was so great to see her investigating something like this. And it wasn’t the pull out, toss aside, reach in pull out, toss aside that we have seen before. This time she pulled out, actually checked out the item a bit, and then with a reminder, and moved back to the bag for more. She got 2 outfits and 2 board books. I think I had to help her a bit with the books, for her hand placement.
She also got several birthday cards over the past few days. Again – each one I started opening the envelope and let her rip open the rest of the envelope. I then helped her put her hand onto the card and she pulled the card out. Now for someone with a typical child this doesn’t seem like much. Anyone with a Special Needs child can understand how HUGE these tasks are. We never stop incorporating OT (occupational therapy) tasks into everyday things.

Hoping the rest of today is as awesome as yesterday. Although I could do without the cranky child portion.

Oh – 1 week of intercession down – 4 to go.


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