One tough cookie

We were about 5 minutes from getting into my car to drive to Raleigh to pick up Grandma and then head to Lake Gaston for the weekend.
Then it happened. I was on facebook when I saw it happen. I knew she was going down with a seizure. I half screamed, half let out a gasp. I knew she was going down HARD. I closed and set down my laptop and raced to her. She was SCREAMING. Since I saw her grab her face near her eye, I did a quick check of that area before I let her bury her head into my chest as I did my best to comfort her. “Shh Becca, its okay.” “You’re okay baby, Momma loves you.” “I know that was scary.” All the usual things I say to her. I probably even sang her our song. It took her longer than usual, but in a few minutes she was calming down. Then I cued into something. I could hear the sniffling in her cry. Odd, I thought, she doesn’t usually cry real tears, and never gets the runny nose from crying hard. I pulled her back away from me so I could check her.
Then I saw it, blood. And a lot of blood. I panicked, I admit. My dress was covered, she was covered. I scooped her up and went for a tissue.
I discovered the source of the bleeding. A badly busted upper lip. I put pressure on the lip as best I could with a tissue. Not an easy task with a kid that barely even ever lets you wipe her messy face. She HATES having her head touched in any way, shape or form. I grabbed the phone and called her pediatrician office.
God Bless them. They are so great. I knew the nurse advice line could mean an hour or so before someone calls back, so I took the next logical steps. I pressed the button for appointments and explained to the receptionist what happened and able to be put through to a nurse right away.
I giggle remembering because I explained the situation that she had a seizure and fell. Their first concern of course was the seizure. Was it over. My thought “heck lady seizures are multiple times a day, every day, that is the least of my worries.”
She gave me advice to hold pressure for 20 minutes. I explained it had mostly stopped bleeding by then, it was kind of oozy (you’d get blood when you pressed the paper towel to it. By then I had gone and gotten some paper towels I ran through cold water before bringing to Becca.) As long as it was stopping bleeding, and since it appeared to be fairly surface there was no need for stitches. With a kid like Becca they can’t be done at your local urgent care. Nope, it would require a trip to the ER. PHEW we seemed to have escaped.
I called Grandma and let her know we’d be there a bit later, I needed to keep an eye on Becca for a bit. I told her what happened. I had already long since sent hubby a message (did that while on the phone with the Ped).
Within minutes my resilient kiddo was up and “running” around the house again. She was still wobbly, from the seizure and the trauma. I decided I wasn’t risking a second fall on her fresh wound so I scooped her up and loaded her up in the van.
We got to use her new EZ-On pro vest . This replaces her car seat. It is actually better for her, it means she can have a bit more freedom in the seat (including recline of her back seat.). But she still gets the positioning support to keep her upright and not leaning out of the seat.

my new seat

my new seat

I will say I have since figured out I wasn’t quite using the car’s seatbelt right, but these were taken the day I got her new harness.

Here is Becca’s lip over the weekend.
poor widdle lip

Becca LOVES her boat rides. So much so this was her opinion after the ride was over and it was time to go back to the house.
Notice the GLARE in her eyes. She was one mad little girl.

She had a great weekend though. Swimming and boat rides, and of course being spoiled by PopPop and Grandma.

I took her to the Pediatrician Monday morning just to check her lip. I was worried about infection since it had some funky color to the wound. Thankfully he said mouth injuries “turn all kinds of funky colors as they heal” (yep his words), but it was better safe than sorry and to do antibiotics instead. God Bless a pediatrician who is cautious with Becca.

Her lip looks so much better with each passing day.

She is one tough cookie. Even right after her injury she was grabbing her sippy cup and drinking like nothing happened. That was my clue that we probably didn’t need the ER trip after all!

All this being said with how awesome she is, and how quickly she is healing I went ahead and have gotten her in to the Orthotics company to order a new helmet. I know her helmet from last year was a bit snug anyhow, so it was time for a new one. I decided to move on to the hard shelled helmet with a face bar. Her little mouth is too precious, and must be protected. She has far to many seizure events lately where she just gets very off balance and stumbles around. We aren’t simply fighting drop seizures anymore.

Please continue to pray for Becca as this demon called LGS continues to change and keeps us on our toes.


Summer break is almost over

This is our last week of summer break.  Its been a nice 5 weeks.  We’ve had a nice birthday celebration (simple, no fuss), a trip to the lake with lots of swimming, fun at home, playdate with  friend.

The most amazing thing this summer break has been how her skills have been progressing. Each day she amazes me more and more how much I see her use her left hand.  Walking around holding a toy in her left hand (and not her right).   Using her left hand to hold a cup. Speaking of cups, we rejoice that sippy cups are gone!  I’ve kept a couple around to have when going in the car and I need to give her something to drink.  She still needs the spill proof valve when someone isn’t right there with her.  Otherwise its all big kid cups.  Open cups, cups with straws, cute kiddie thermos cups.  The thermos cups are our next step, since when out and about you may want a cup you can have a good lid you can close.  The open cup is still a learning process.  She is prone to tipping the cup to much and giving herself an unwanted bath.  Someone needs to have their hands right there to help her guide the cup.

Yesterday she actually enjoyed finger painting.  This is a girl who has always balked at arts and crafts activities.  We’ve still got a long way to go on coloring.  But I have the “right” crayons now.  They are these super cool crayons called “Crayon Rocks”.  Now I know you may think that you can easily melt crayons into smaller “rocks” to hold.  Yet that isn’t what makes these crayons so great.  They are awesome because of how easily they write on the paper.  Such light touch and you have coloring.  It is perfect for kids who may rake the crayon across the page and not understand applying pressure to the crayon.

Seizure control has fallen victim to the facts of LGS (her seizure disorder).  Seizures are hard to treat, and often are resistant to medications.  A medication may work for a while then stop.  We’re seeing this now with Onfi.  Heartbreaking, but all the while I always feared we were simply in a honeymoon period.  I was determined to enjoy it while it lasted. Nothing more, nothing less.   Onward and upward to the next option I guess.

We went to the lake over summer break.  I worked out a new situation with some floats for Becca and she really enjoyed some new freedom in the water.  As usual she loved the boat rides.

In a month my brother and his family come to visit.  I haven’t seen them in about 8 years.  Yep, that means they have never met Rebecca.  I’m so looking forward to seeing them all.  My nephews and nieces are all growing up!

Well, I reckon that is about everything for the past 5 or 6 weeks since my last update.

All things considered – doing great

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 4:11 PM


Rebecca is having a good 2010 so far. We are seeing lots of little things showing how much she is learning. So much improvement with how she plays with her toys. She is engaging with everything so much more. Seizure activity is up and down. But we are titrating down the Keppra. This is in hopes of adding Banzel later. Banzel is a drug specifically for kids with Lennox Gastaut. We wanted to get her off at least one of her other seizure medications that were not working very well before adding a  new one. Keppra was never very effective, but it does seem like each time we have a drop in the dose, there is a dramatic increase in activity for a few days. But then it levels off, back to a baseline. The good news is that there has been 4 weeks between drops in doses. The VNS still continues to do fairly well. By and large she is having fewer seizures, and mainly the events she does have are only about 30 seconds. I’ve been really trying to track them, and keep a record of how long they are lasting. I was shocked when I started to time them lately and seeing how short they were. Of course she may not think so. We are still seeing a pesky Atonic seizure pop up now and then – these are the ones where she just falls down to the ground. She looses all motor control. BAM. A little puddle of Becca. yeah, we need to make her wear her helmet more because of these. But she is a con artist, she knows how to act like she wants to snuggle with us like she wants to sleep, so we will take it off, and then Poof she is ready to play again.

We also often put the helmet on when she has clusters of head drops. To the untrained eye, these seizures might look like someone who is nodding off to sleep/fighting sleep. You know – the classic head falling forward then jerking back up – then a short time later repeating the pattern. Except for her, this goes on and on for several minutes. She might have upwards of 50 plus drops in that time. Being a little kid, she is still top heavy, and un-coordinated so these sometimes make her fall down. Hence, the need for the helmet when she is having these as well.


Saturday, February 13, 2010 11:14 AM


Just wanted to let you know I added a few photos from us playing in the latest NC snowfall today. Rebecca had fun playing in the snow. We didn’t get to play in the last snowfall because she was sick with a really bad chest infection. Today though, we got more snow and she got to play in things. She really seemed to like things. for a child who used to HATE cold things, she wasn’t hesitant to touch the snow, taste the snow or be outside. Her boots made it a little hard to walk around, so she wasn’t very  eager to move but she didn’t do too bad (then again snow boots make it hard for “normal” folks to walk!) Seizure activity is still so-so but we are still going along with the Keppra wean. So the fact things aren’t getting worse is good.

Soon we start with the big transition to Kindergarten for Rebecca.

Another EEG is planned for March 3, and follow up Doctor appointment with Dr. Mikati on March 4th.

I’ll update when I know more from that appt.



Sunday, March 21, 2010 4:28 PM


Rebecca is doing fairly well these days. So I don’t have much details from our recent EEG. Mainly because we nearly forgot to ask the doctor about the EEG! He looked it up while we stood in the hallway as we were on our way out the door. Still shows seizure activity, but something about the wave form patterns or amplitude or something (?) was within normal limits for her age. Overall the EEG

looked better. I think all David and I really took home was “Better”. So far it really appears the VNS is a blessing! Sure we don’t have total seizure control – but its only a tiny fraction of patients that achieve that. We are happy we are in the percentage that have reduced seizures, reduced length of seizures she is having. Her quality of life is going up. This means also we are weaning her off some of the medications we know haven’t done much for her. This may allow us room later to put something different on. But even getting her off so many medications will improve her quality of life. Those medications are really hard on a developing mind.

She is a VERY active child now. Who would have thought she has only been walking a year. She is now learning how to go up and down stairs. She can do it, but still needs some assistance. She is learning to walk

She can do it, but still needs some assistance. She is learning to walk across the parking lot, holding hands like a big girl – this is more of a cognitive skill than anything else. Our next big thing will be her transition meeting in May. This will be when we iron out all the details of her moving from Pre-K to kindergarten! As for her annual IEP, which was earlier this month, we did decide to move her to “Support Services” for PT, which means she access the school environment on her own power now, and no long needs Physical Therapy at school. She still gets OT and speech, and we still do PT and OT on a private basis. But moving to support services is a big step. The PT will still be available to her, should she need it, should anything come up – but there just won’t be a set “15 minutes a week” or anything like that. But if say, the teachers notice Rebecca’s gait is all wonky – they can have the PT come in and take a look at things.



A new diagnosis

Wednesday, October 31, 2007 7:50 PM


Wow – today’s appointment with Dr. Leigh took a long time. Not only did we not get back to see her until an hour and a half after our appointment time, but it took a long time once we got there.

Basically Dr. Leigh is concerned that Rebecca is now having what are known as Drop Seizures (Atonic Seizures for those who know the technical term). This means she is now having 2 seizure types. What this also means is instead of having Infantile Spasms, she is progressing into having Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. This is more or less a progression of Infantile Spasms, marked by having multiple seizure types. We are going to wean her off of the Phenobarbital (at Mom’s insistence), and she will be started on a medication called Lamictal. Something we will need to do more research on, to consider after she is finished with her chemotherapy is called a VNS, or Vagal Nerve Stimulator.

This of course is something David and I need to do a lot more research on, but I know it is something that has helped a lot of people with drug resistant epilepsy, which is what Rebecca has. Infantile Spasms, and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) are both Drug Resistant Epilepsies. We took her to a few houses for trick or treating, but after such a long day she was really just ready to get in the bed. It doesn’t matter too much, we had so few kids come to our house that we have ample candy left over. Plus she got a few treats at the Children’s Health Center. There was even one nice Mother, Grandmother and cute little girl that had brought bags of goodies and let Rebecca pick out something. We got some Play-dough! That should be some fun sensory and Tactile stuff to play with – but we have to learn not to eat it. Rebecca also ate her very first lollypop! hopefully I will post the pictures tomorrow! At least She wore her costume to the clinic today!


Sunday, November 25, 2007 12:26 PM


Thanksgiving was good. Rebecca ate sooo much food. Thursday we went to Raleigh and spent the day with Grandma and PopPop and she ate some Turkey and all the trimmings, including a Becca sized slice of Pumpkin Pie. I can’t believe she ate so much. Everyone loved seeing her. Then Friday it was off to Thomasville and Kernersville to see Granny for Lunch, and then Grandpa and Kathy for dessert later. Again, for the 2nd day in a row Rebecca ate a lot of food. Friday she had some more Turkey, and fixings. For her deserts, she ate some Banana pudding. YUMMY. The Grandparents couldn’t get enough of her. Although everyone certainly got a taste of daily life with her. The little girl who doesn’t walk – but never sits still! All Daddy and Mommy kept hearing was “Wow, she sure is an active little girl”. Haha! Please pray that she can put all that energy to good use and start walking

on her own. On a good note – we should be getting her the helmet soon. We are expecting it to get ordered on Monday. I am very Thankful that this has finally come through for her.

One year ago we started the Chemo. Thank you everyone for all your prayers for the past year (and before, for the epilepsy). Your prayer has meant so much to me.


Monday, December 10, 2007 4:11 PM



We have our first helmet for Rebecca! today is day one with the helmet. so far so good. She even just took a little tumble backwards. Not a seizure, but just an uncoordinated fall backwards. But she conked her head hard – except for the fact she had her helmet on. So it didn’t even phase her. How wonderful. This past weekend poor baby was battling a touch of the stomach bug. Early Thursday am, I was awakened to her crying. I went in to see what was wrong, and discovered she had vomited. YUCK. Not the kind of surprise you want to find at 4am. I woke David up and we cleaned her up, and changed the sheets. She was fine all day, we went slow on the food and drinks. then again Saturday morning, she got sick. Several times Saturday. So we tried Saturday to get something into her, to keep her hydrated. Sunday we just spent the day giving her an ounce or two every half hour. Poor baby.

Tomorrow is another Chemo.

Wednesday we have a Speech Evaluation with the folks from Early Intervention. This will qualify her for Speech Therapy services.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007 10:10 AM


I added a picture of Becca in her helmet.

Basically we needed the helmet to protect her as she is playing and moving around in case she has one of her seizures. Even though the seizures she has are not what most people think of when they hear the word seizure, she still hits her head pretty hard as she falls. The helmet is a little big, which gives us room to grow into it, but we also still need to tweak it a bit so it fits her properly for the here and now.



Friday, December 28, 2007 1:47 PM


Rebecca had a very Merry Christmas.

It was the first holiday she has had that she was not overly sleepy or did not have so many seizures that cast a shadow on the day. She had so much fun exploring all of her toys as she opened them. Of course the wrapping paper is still as much of a toy as the item inside the box. It has not been until today that we are seeing the After Christmas crash, where she is more tired and having a few more seizures. But both David and I knew it was coming. We just feel blessed she could enjoy Christmas eve and Christmas day. After the first of the year Rebecca has another MRI, just a routine MRI, but it is something to pray we get good results for. We also have several clinic appointments in January. The Eye Dr, the neurologist, and of course her regular Chemotherapy appointments. Please pray these all go well.