Great Bike Giveaway

Its time for the annual Friendship Circle of Michigan Great Bike Giveaway.
this contest is in its 3rd year of giving away bikes to special needs kids.
Adaptive Bikes (or rather Tricycles) are very expensive and not something most families can afford.

A bike like this would be a huge benefit for Rebecca. It would allow her a way to get her legs and body stronger.
She can walk on her own, but does not walk well. She is very unsteady.
Because of her seizures, a regular bike would never be safe for her.
Adaptive bikes offer special seats that give them more support, as well as seatbelts. Even the mechanism of how the bike works is easier for kids like Becca. If I gently push the bike the pedals turn, so she can learn how to ride (you can strap their feet to the pedal, for safety).

PLEASE consider voting for Rebecca.

Not only voting for her, but sharing the link. Share along social media sites. Email friends and family. give us a shout out on twitter (tweet the link – my twitter name is Mom2_Becca_k)

Thank you so much! Hopefully later this month I’ll be able to do another post shouting that we won!

** Just a quick edit to add, we’ve made it past the 1st step – getting 50 nominations. Now its time to get as many votes as possible.


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