I set out this morning to find a specific list of seizure medications.
Sure, lists of all available medications is fairly available online. Yet I wanted a list that better linked the Generic name with the brand name. Not a list that had 100 some odd choices, but in reality there are 50, because many are the same thing. For instance the list having both Topiramate and Topamax.

Since I couldn’t find such a list easily I made my own – modifying from one of the complete lists.
This list is taken from – so the credits go to them for the description of each medication
So without further ado – here is the file.
I hope someone else is able to find it useful. This file is shaded with the meds we have tried, are currently using, or not tried.

you will have to click the link to view the file. (it is a standard XLS file).

Seizure Medicaion complete list

The list of available meds is constantly changing. Not all of these would work for any child. Some are not good for kids at all. Most are better for certain seizure types (and are known to make others worse). So PLEASE take this list as that – just a list of the meds that are out there. Do you own research. Talk to your doctor.

I made this list so I can go to her Neurologist better armed with what options I might like to try next. I am really wanting to avoid Felbetol, simply because of the scary side effects.

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