I feel I made the right choice to Homeschool Becca. She has had a really rough summer.
Becca was in a year round school. She would have gone back Mid July. Instead we’ve been home. She continues to have more rough days than good days.
Not simply the seizure monster, but its effects. Today she has slept and seized (and simply laid on the couch staring off into space).
School was hard on her. She sleeps a lot during the day. She was continually exhausted.
Now with David coming home for lunch and her having a bit more energy in the evening they get to see each other more.

Still trying to get a handle on exactly what I “do” with her for our schooling. She is so cognitively impaired.
hrmm. cognitively impaired. I’m still not used to writing that instead of Delayed. But the fact is Delayed means she will catch up (or close to it). However that is not the case for Becca. As a result of her seizures parts of her brain are being destroyed, never to be fixed. It is call Degeneration. It SUCKS. I have no idea how much, just that it shows up on her MRI report. You know those things a Parent reads but no doctor ever bothered to tell them. Yeah – that.

Tomorrow and Friday I take her for IVIG again. I have one other trick up my sleeve for the immediate future. When she first started IVIG it was when her dose of lamictal was adjusted. But the caveat is, the RX was not “brand name required” so she got generic. I found out its specifically the manufacturer Tarro. I’m going to talk to her doctors and get her back on this specific “brand” of generic.
Who knows, if this helps we will play with her other meds with the manufacturers.

Becca and I are looking forward to another weekend up at Lake Gaston. We leave Daddy at home and go spend a weekend with my parents. Becca LOVES the boat.
oddly she hates the wind blowing in her face from a car window, but get her out in the open air and sunshine and she just hits total relaxation. She even understands “go on boat ride”. Her face lights up with excitement!
Only gummy bears have an equal effect on her.

I’ll try to be better updating!


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