The double-edged sword

Our little Becca continues to grow up. She continues to battle the evil seizure monster. Yet something amazing is happening.
She knows when it is going to attack. Even more amazing – she is seeking out help before the seizure hits.
That’s right – she is coming to someone for help before the seizure hits!
The sad part of this is of course she understand enough of the seizures to know they are happening to her. It would be fabulous if she could be blissfully unaware of this whole horrible thing. However that is not the way it will be. I am glad she knows to come to Daddy or myself. For comfort and for safety.
Rebecca also continues to have bursts of vocalizations. We never hear anything consistent. Just a word here or there. Last night I heard her say “hungry” (and she was clearly already whining because she was hungry). Way to go Becca! She also got her cup and brought it to me and dropped it into my lap. Her way of saying “Here mom, fill this up for me”

We go to the Neurologist her regular Neurology visit. She will also have an EEG that day. Then next month will be her follow-up MRI.


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