I saw a cute picture on Facebook the other day. It said “If life hands you Lemons, but doesn’t give you sugar and water your lemonade will suck”
I couldn’t help but chuckle.
But that also got me to thinking about Becca. It sure does seem like life has handed her lemons. Yet her attitude – eat the lemons, rind and all.
See, she doesn’t know different. She doesn’t know she is getting a sour deal. To her, this is just what it is – life. She is happy and content. She LOVES to snuggle with Daddy or myself. She giggles all the time. Even when she has a seizure, she is stopped only briefly from whatever she is doing.
That is the most amazing things about kids like Becca. By that I mean children born with special medical needs. To them it is normal to take multiple medications a day, to have seizures or whatever their needs are. There is nothing to feel sorry for her. She eats those lemons, and reaches for more. She loves life the way it is. So as much as it hurts us as parents to watch, we must understand that it is what it is. Sure I wish life would hand her gummy bears (her favorite food), but I’ve got to accept things.

There is so much in this world I wish for Rebecca. But the important things, I’m pretty sure she has. She is loved, and she knows so. She is not able to use the words, but she can tell others she loves them.

I’ll also never cease to be amazed at how hard she works for what she wants. This is a child who didn’t use to use her left hand – at all. With years of therapy it is now used daily. Sure she is still stronger on her right, but she is right-handed after all! She is still delayed with her fine motor skills. Yet this little girl is learning to use her pointer finger to access toys instead of pushing her whole fist into things. I love watching her play. I get to revel in how far she has come.

There are times when I see her against another child, especially one younger than her and it does make me sad for all the things she is unable to do. Yet all I have to remember is she is Becca, and as far as Becca goes she is perfect. She isn’t that other little 2nd grader down the hall. She isn’t her baby cousin. She is Becca. I love Becca – with all my heart and soul.

I look forward to watching her grow. To see what other new things she can learn. And each and every day I will remind her how much she I love her., and how perfect she is to me.


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