What a Glorious Easter

Mid-Week I made plans for Becca an I to go up to Lake Gaston, NC for the weekend. As I’ve said before my dad has a house up there. Friday morning Becca and I set off to Raleigh first to pick up Jacky (my Step mom). She had the day off, so the three of us rode up together.
As a test, I had set up Becca’s i-Pad with her mount attached to the headrest to front seat. This gave her perfect viewing angle to watch a movie. I played Disney’s “Aristocats”. I can’t say she watched the whole thing, but she clearly payed attention, and giggled at the movie throughout. Every time she had a giggle fit at something in the movie it made me smile and laugh.
The weekend was full of amazing first moments.
Friday night after feeding Becca dinner I let her sit at the dining room table with her i-Pad. I opened one of her new favorite apps (Hello Crayon). She sat there and colored. I had even walked out of the room to get her a bath ready while she played. I came back to this.

Coloring on my ipad after a yummy dinner.

Saturday morning started off so nice. Becca and I sat on the swing in the front yard for a while. I discovered a cute fuzzy caterpillar crawling on the frame of the swing. I carefully “captured” the critter and let it crawl on Becca for a few moments so she could see it, and feel it tickle her. I helped her hold it even.
As I’m sure many of you know there were Easter Egg hunts everywhere on Saturday. Jacky and I took Becca and headed out to a nearby hunt. We choose that particular one because the paper listed that they had a parade (which once you re-read the article it was more clear that it was a parade of the kids). I was so happy and surprised to run into one of my friends there. I know Krystal and Dave live in Bracey (they have two daughters, one of whom we see at the clinic where Becca gets OT on weekly basis). Haley is the sweetest little girl and she and Becca were happy to see each other.
We had not prepared ahead of time, to decorate Becca’s stroller or wagon for the parade. Most of the kids had decorated trikes, bikes and wagons. The parade route was a simple loop in the Church parking lot. But it was fun. Jacky and I took Becca’s hands and walked in the parade.
Then it was time for the Egg hunt! I was not expecting much from Becca. I figured I would have to pretty much hand-over-hand help her find a few of the treats. NO!

I do believe she is proud of her find.

I set her down in a spot where 3 or so were nearby. She picked them up without prompting. She even either put them in her basket on her own, or tried to. Of course she did her usual shaking of them and playing with them too! We walked around and picked up a couple more. The Eggs were mainly those Candy Marshmallow Easter Eggs.
Becca sat on my lap through a short kids sermon the Church had after the festivities and we took her picture with the Easter Bunny. However it was pretty clear she was tired, and D-O-N-E. So we went home. We let her nap while we got lunch ready. After lunch was a boat ride, which as always she LOVED.
I can’t even express how emotional Saturday was for me. Several events that typical kids participate in, that my little girl had fun with. It wasn’t us having her go through the motions, just for the sake of having her participate. No, this time she “got it”, and had fun. She clearly understood the idea of picking up those pieces of candy and wanted to find some.
On Easter Sunday my brother Rick, his wife Amber-Lori and their dog Chance came up. We had a nice lunch before going out for another boat ride. Becca was so cute, she even tried to lean over the side of the boat to see the water splashing up the front sides of the boat. She became very interested in that. I was holding onto her VERY tightly. She may have had a life-jacket on, but the water was cold, and I did not want her to go overboard.

She had a bit of trouble with seizures on Saturday. Not sure exactly what the cause was. She could have been sneaky and spit out medication and I not known such. Or, the fact she was to excited to sleep Friday night could have been a stress factor.

It as a great weekend. This week is going to be fun too! Daddy is taking tomorrow off and we are taking her to the NC Zoo! So look for ANOTHER update from me soon.


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