It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Only a few more days until intercession. This means three weeks of break from school for Becca. This is the good thing about year round school, more frequent breaks. There isn’t simply the one long break in the summer. There are multiple breaks throughout the year.

Becca continues to do pretty good. It is always a catch 22 when folks ask me how she is doing. When I answer, I am answering about how she is doing overall – keeping her baseline in mind. I know that she is not likely to ever be seizure free. So when I say she is doing pretty good, I mean that for her seizures are not too bad, but other things in her life are going great. Developmentally she has made some good progress. I don’t remember if at my Thanksgiving post or not that I mentioned how “talkative” she was getting. She continues to be a little chatterbox most days. Please, please, pray this continues for her. This is the only way we will ever get to real speech is if she continues to make these noises and starts to make some purposeful vocalizations.

We are also seeing some better use of her hands. Namely use of her pointer finger. This may not sound like much to some of you – but think about how much during the day you use your index finger. Pushing buttons, along with your thumb for a pincer grasp. So much. It is a vital part of functional hand use.

After getting her to school Monday morning, I watched her in Adaptive PE for a short time. It was so precious. I could see how far she had come in the last year and a half. During warm up the class (paired with a teacher) walk “laps”, first forward, then walking backwards and then side stepping. I noticed several things in Becca. Not only how well she knew the routine and what was expected of her, but how well she could walk backwards (yes a teacher was holding her hands the entire time for safety). At the start of the school year last year Becca was pretty freaked out during adaptive PE, she wanted no part of things. Don’t get me wrong, my strong willed child will still put up a fight at activities she doesn’t want to participate in, but she was doing great. She still is not fond of anyone working her “hand over hand” – in lay terms you taking her hand and physically moving her through the motions. Say taking her hands through the motions of patty-cake, or taking her hand to “make” her draw on paper. She HATES that! Sometimes hand over hand is necessary. It is how we teach her to use her pointer finger on the i-pad. I hold her hand in that position and help her select stuff, this way she can see the cause and effect.
(I know all my special needs friends understand this, but other family probably do not, so this was for their benefit).

In January we’ll go back to the Neurologist, then in February is a major Dental appointment. That one will actually be considered “surgical”. Since a child like Becca can’t really hold still to get the dental x-rays, or sealants that are done on molars they will sedate her to do so. If from the x-rays they determine any fillings need to be done they will do so. However, from the initial exam they don’t think any fillings will need to be done. Doing it this way will be easier on her.

Looking forward to Christmas which is fast approaching. Looking forward to the fact that I think Becca will really “get it” this year. Trying to rip open presents, and be excited about things. I plan to be proactive about seizure control, monitoring her seizures in the days before hand. If it looks like her seizures are up in the days before Christmas I’m going to give her Diastat then, so she has a chance to neurologically calm down beforehand. I want her to enjoy her Christmas!


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