Life at the lake

It is good to have family with a house at the Lake. Becca and I had another weekend retreat at Lake Gaston this past weekend. We drove up Friday morning. Another family member, Cathie, was also able to join in the fun. She drove down from the DC area. She is only able to see Rebecca and I a few times a year, so this was a special treat.
Everyone went out for a boat ride Friday afternoon, and a nice swim in the lake. Becca instantly fell in love with the boat, and the lake again. We usually let her float in one of the swimways floats

But after a bit, Grandma took her out of the float and got Becca to simply float on her back. The most amazing thing happened, Becca totally relaxed.

The most hilarious thing about this photo, is you will see that in typical Rebecca style, her legs are crossed at the ankles. That’s our girl.
We went and fed the fish (and ducks) by a little marina and restaurant (for anyone who knows Lake Gaston, it was the Morningstar marina, and “The Pointe” – GREAT place to go feed the fish and ducks – .50 cents gets you a bag of fish/duck food).

Rebecca enjoyed this, even if she did try (and succeed) to eat some of the fish food. yeah, gross. But how many kids have not tried to eat cat or dog food? Its gross, but it won’t hurt you. I mean, we eat the fish that ate that food (if you have consumed freshwater fish that is).

Becca was being very vocal all weekend, however since we got home it has been mum’s the word. Daddy is now calling me a liar. Maybe I need Grandma, Pop-pop or Cathie to back me up on this one? No, she wasn’t speaking as you and I know speaking. But it was vocalizations that if you payed attention to her babbling you could hear words now and then.
She was also very consistent with using some form of communication (even non-verbal) for yes or no.

Seizures are back into a stable pattern. Stable for her does not mean none, it means a decent low level. It means a level we can deal with (well, of course we would rather have zero, but I highly doubt zero will ever happen). She is in a pattern now where they are not negatively affecting her life, or her ability to function.

This is her last week before intercession. That means 3 whole weeks home with mommy. Yippie. The good news with this is, lazy mornings. I can dig that! The bad news is, dealing with godzilla girl from 7am until 7pm (which is pretty much her waking hours).

Well, without re-telling her entire lake weekend I think that is about all for now. I should have more to report once we meet with the neurologist. Appointment is set for the 22nd.

Thanks for reading and have a blessed day.


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