Striving to put right what once went wrong

That sums up how I feel about Gary James – the guy behind A4CWSN. He may tell you he is no one special, but to many parents he is special. Sure he isn’t an organization. He is just a dad (a dad of 6 kids, which should earn you a special medal in its own right). And he is out to make the world a little better for parents of special needs kids. He is doing that by reviewing apps for the iPad specifically for Special Needs kids. He works with the developers and scores us all codes for freebies on these apps! AND – the biggest and best of all, he works hard with Apple to get iPads at reduced price for those in need (this requires a special process of which I am not familiar). There is also another process, which folks can get a free iPad. He is soon starting a campaign for 50 ipads across 50 states! But first he has other ipads he is delivering.
One of which was to my very own Becca.
Now many of you remember our previous iPad saga. You remember how we were scammed. Thankfully there was no $$ involved (although for many people there were). But hopes were crushed.
Anyhow, I’d spoken with Gary about this, casually. Mainly because I knew that the aforementioned blog had come up on his site. As someone who had posted on his Facebook site, I wanted to share that I was one of the folks involved.
Anyhow… time passed (but not much as you can tell!). I knew this past week Gary posted that his son, the gracious child he is, had decided that he wanted to give his OWN iPad, full of apps, to the A4CWSN cause that Gary is doing. When Gary posted this on Facebook, the entire community was touched. We are not talking about a teenager, this is a young child. A child who clearly has been taught well. Gary has assured me that each of the children has an ipad, and that his son will be able to easily share with his siblings.
So Gary had posted on the A4CWSN facebook page that he would decide Monday night who got this VERY SPECIAL ipad (yeah the emphasis is mine, because I feel this donation, entirely of the will of a young child is very special). I wasn’t following that closely – I don’t carry my laptop upstairs at night, and the drawing was at 9pm. So when I logged onto Facebook Tuesday morning I quickly noticed on Facebook several things, messages from friends telling me congratulations, and since I had set my updates to most recent, I saw the A4CWSN update.
I was so excited! So I only had to wait from Tuesday until Today (Thursday). Because Becca needed to be home for this special day, I kept her home from school. Yeah – so what DPS – I let my child play Hooky. Too bad! She was staying home to be the recipient of a device that had profound educational benefit. You got a problem with that? Huh?
So – Gary James, you are my own personal “Sam Becket” – ala Quantum Leap. You have put right what once went wrong. And I thank you very much. I don’t think I can ever thank you enough.

Becca gets her ipad

In the rest of our world, Becca is on the 3:1 ratio for the Ketogenic diet through tomorrow. Saturday she goes down to the 2:1. She will be on that for 10 days, then there is a 1:1, which is much more like a Modified Atkins diet. However even on the 2:1 the foods she would be allowed astound me. I’ve made a meal plan for her that allows M&Ms! Her meal is basically going to be Cream, canola oil and MCT oil whipped together with a few drops of liquid sweetener. Serve that with Cheddar cheese, and M&Ms. I totally forget her gram amounts. It still won’t be much, but hey – a totally cool kids lunch!

Look at me Momma! I'm using an iPad

Well, I reckon since it is 6:30pm I need to think about getting Princess Rebecca ready for bed.

Thanks for reading and have a Blessed Day.


6 thoughts on “Striving to put right what once went wrong

  1. It brings tears to my eyes! I love that Becca got her Ipad. What an amazing little boy Gary’s son is! I can only imagine the man he will grow up to be 🙂

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