a low down dirty rotten thing to do to a person

So I have put off writing this entry for nearly a week. My heart aches as I write this. Most of my friends already know about this.
The special needs community was scammed by what we always thought was one of our own. Mike W. father of a cute little girl named Marissa, whom is said to have infantile spams, ran some contests. The most recent was for ipads. You may recall my blog post about it a while back. And yes, I have since edited that post. I refuse to give him the credit I originally gave him. Originally there were going to be 5 winners. That number kept increasing in number. Oddly enough from different emails that number varies. Then there was the addition of money for apps. Later money for a case was added in. The deal seemed to get better and better. All the while he had been collecting donations through “chip in” (a donation site, sort of like pay-pal or the like. I honestly don’t know much about them).
Then 40 winners were getting all of these ipads, and extra things. Then the delays started. I won’t list it all here, but I have all the emails, in a folder in Outlook on my computer.
After two long months folks were beyond frustrated. I mean who wouldn’t be. From what I can gather one of the “winners” talked to a friend who began to do some research. That’s when the proverbial shit hit the fan.
After a so called threatening email was sent to Mike, he supposedly contacted authorities. Honestly, I’ve read the e-mail. Was it the best way to approach things, no. But it was not threatening. The information the guy claimed to have was all information any good net-detective could find. I mean really folks, are you that naive to think that folks can’t fairly easily find your address and phone number? Especially if you own a domain! Hello! You can easily google “who owns a domain” and find it out! Its not private information! Anyhow I digress.
After all this came out, the contest was “temporarily halted”. The quotes of course because that was another one of his excuses. The internet assaults began. Blogs by other special needs parents (including LovethatMax.com) went on a rampage. There have been multiple comment threads on Facebook. Yet still he remained vague.
Finally last night he came somewhat clean and said there will be no ipads. Not that there were never any ipads. But oh well, at least its a partial truth.
The funniest thing to me is he still claims he can not disclose who his bosses are. That his bosses have said if he ever discloses who they are he will be fired and loose all his benefits. I kid you not! Now this is a guy who lives in Virginia and telecommutes to a company in Cary, NC (well so he says – I’ll trust that as far as I can throw it, which – well lets just say I have no athletic talent at all). Now most of y’all know I live in Durham, NC. Just down the road from Cary, NC. Cary has some nice companies – but last time I checked, there were no companies that were THAT secretive! I mean even the CIA and FBI aren’t that hush hush! Who does he work for the MOB? Oh wait – should I have said that? if these were mob ipads I really don’t want one! *shudders at the thought* (I mean according to the snavenger dude who ousted him he does have a extensive criminal record — which BTW – would be public record unless it happened when he was a minor)

Anyhow – Becca is left without an ipad. BUT there is a silver lining.
Are you even still reading?
David bought an Andriod tablet a few months ago. He promised me if he really liked it, he might upgrade it around his birthday, then I would get it, and for my birthday I’d get money for apps and accessories. Seemed like a sweet deal to me. Anyhow his new dream tablet came out on Sunday. He had a major case of “I want” so in light of this whole ipad mess, he went out and got it. This way I can start fixing up the “old” tablet for Becca and I. Sure there are not near the apps for Android based tablets. But it is something. And this will give us a chance to see, with limited apps if Becca is even really responsive to this.
Then if she likes it, and can really use one, we will purchase her an ipad at Christmas. We will likely enlist friends and family to help us with money for apps then (she surely does not need $500 worth – that was excessive!). But I doubt family and friends who normally buy her stuff for Christmas would have issue with taking money they normally spend on toys and Clothes and spending it on an itunes gift card instead.

Overall Becca is doing fairly well. She has had some REALLY good days, and some not so good days. Kind of par for the course with Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome. Yesterday was freaking awesome! Today, kinda crappy. oh well, win some, lose some.
I have noticed something amazing the past few days, that her teachers will be thrilled with when she goes back to school. Her fine motor skills are soo much better. I was watching her carry a toy around. Just the way she was holding the toy as she walked was so much better. She had control of the toy. Her fingers were wrapped around the handle of the toy. Just like you would expect someone to carry the toy.
I couldn’t help but smile as I watched her.
I’ve also caught her carrying objects in her left hand as well. Which for those who have known her a long time would know it’s huge! This is a child that at one point and time barely even knew she had a left hand.

Anyhow – That’s all for now. I’ll probably update early next week once she starts back to school. My big, bad, awesome 1st grader. I know she is looking forward to seeing Ms. Deanna, Ms. Cyndi, Ms. Kathleen, and Ms. Cecila again. Along with all her friends. I LOVE her class at Easley!


3 thoughts on “a low down dirty rotten thing to do to a person

  1. It is just shameful about the iPad. I hope he feels horrible, as he should. I hurts my heart for everyone who is so let down. I think we are going to raise money for one an iPad for Christmas too. That is so awesome about her holding her toyes!! Love hearing that!!

  2. If he received donation money by telling people it was for the ipads then he is the one that should be legal trouble…Has anyone called the authorities on him to find out how much money he just pocketed by scamming?

  3. OMG the explanation you gave me wasn’t as hard to figure out as I thought it would be! I think the entire thing really is tragic, but much good has and will come from it.

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