Lake Life

So Becca and I had another fun-filled weekend at . I know I’ve mentioned my dad and Step mom (aka Pop Pop and Grandma) have a “weekend” house up there.
Becca LOVES it up there. For one thing my dad has this cute novelty Party button (think the Staples “Easy Button”) that plays part of the Kiss song “Rock and Roll all night”. Rebecca knows exactly where this thing is kept in that house and as soon as she gets there she makes a bee-line for the button and plays with it throughout the weekend. Who needs to pack many toys when this simple thing brings her such joy.
Friday night Grandma and I took her out on her float and let her “swim” for a bit to cool off. It took her a few minutes to relax and get the hang of things. Then she really got into it, and practically fell asleep. Me on the other hand could not relax. Standing there in the water I discovered the fish were biting – literally. Some stupid fish decided I must have tasted good. First it kept swimming and attacking my knees, then it bit my shin. At that point I let out a yelp (making some poor dude in the park beside the lake wonder what the heck was wrong with me!) and promptly climbed out of the water, leaving Grandma to tend to Becca. I refused to be fish food.

The lake also has Boat rides

So do you think she likes riding on the boat?

It was a great weekend! Seizures were not to bad and she was able to enjoy herself.

Oh – I should share this as well, because it’s just too cute not to. In honor of summer I painted Rebecca’s toenails. Purple of course!

That’s about all for now – I think. Becca is content, watching Little Einsteins. 3 weeks down 2 to go before school is back in session.


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