sickness continues

Not a whole lot has changed in the past week.  Becca shared her illness, as kids tend to do.  I spent most of last weekend on the couch or in bed.  A few days into the week, Daddy started getting sick.  Becca has a lingering cough that sounds really yucky.  I can hear a really raspy noise when I listen to her chest.  But there seems to be some improvement. 

The school year is over.  Becca had to miss a few more days.  Now granted, it was obvious through the day yesterday and today she really didn’t feel like going.  She slept a lot.  She clearly didn’t have the energy she usually does.  However on Wednesday my poor Honda Accord lost its Transmission.  So after getting the car to the Honda Dealership I had to get Daddy to take me to go pick Becca up after school.  But that left me Thursday and Friday with no car.  So no way to get her too school.  Oh well, summer break started a few days early kid.  Kindergarten is over.  

A huge thank you to Deanna St. John, Kathleen Wyatt, Cyndi Hester, and Ceclia Laws.  4 Fabulous teachers.  Not to mention all the therapists and other teachers (ie: super cool Librarian, and Art Teacher) who made her Kindergarten year so stellar.  I can’t leave that without also thanking all the other staff, who made both myself and my daughter feel so loved.  Even teachers she doesn’t have, or interact with know her.  They say hi to her in the hallways.  The admire her cute outfits (which makes it fun to dress her up!).  The other kids are also fabulous.  Easley Elementary has done such a good job of integrating these children with special needs into the school.  So these other kids are not scared of the kid in the wheelchair.  They see Becca and her classmates as fellow students and care about them.  Its so sweet getting to explain things to them when they ask questions.  Explaining things like why Becca doesn’t talk, or what her helmet is for.  By the way – my usual answer for not talking is “Some kids just can’t talk yet.  But don’t worry, she will be able to talk one day”  Kids understand that.  They accept that.  As for her helmet, I usually try and say something like “Well sometimes she falls down and can’t help it.  So this is to protect her head”.  I don’t want to scare them – esp the young ones – with trying to explain seizures.  So the simplest way seems to be she falls down and might hit her head.  After all – that is WHY she has to wear a helmet.  It isn’t the seizure itself, its falling because of the seizure.  

Next week my baby turns 6.  I can’t believe its been 6 years since she came into my life.  She has come so far.   I need to figure out that Flickr Photostream thing.  My idea was to have it show a picture from each year of her life.  Granted there is a whole lot to this whole blog thing I still don’t understand.  And darn if Blogger NEVER has restored those first couple blog posts I wrote.  

So now its time for 5 weeks of Summer break with Becca – then back to school.  I’m grateful for year round school.  As of now I look forward to it.  Ask me again in 3 weeks and I guarantee you I’ll be beyond ready for her to go back.  She gets into EVERYTHING at home.  You can’t so much as leave a drink on an end table without her getting into it.  

Oh – our present to Becca for her birthday is a new “baby” monitor.  Our old one wasn’t working so well anymore anyhow.  We upgraded to a video unit, that has 2-way voice.  This means from the handheld parent unit I can push a button and talk to her – without going into her room.  found this really helpful when she had a suspected seizure today and I was able to talk to her over the intercom (I was downstairs – her bedroom is upstairs), without having to go up there.  Because I didn’t get any kind of vocalization, or even her looking around when she heard me talk I knew I needed to go investigate further.  But it was nice to just watch her for a few moments too.  It was a quick seizure, but I think with her cold/congestion that is what caused the odd gasping sound she made.  It wasn’t her usual seizure moan.   The few other times I’ve tested talking to her over the unit she clearly looked around as if to say “I hear my mommy but I don’t see my mommy” .  The ole “huh? what? where is that coming from”  No I don’t normally plan to play mind games with my 6 year old.  

and yes – I know I said her birthday was next week, so why does she have this new toy already?  That is a benefit of her special needs.  We can do this earlier for her and its no big difference for her.  In some ways its better.  Next week she will get soo much stuff from grandparents she will be over-stimulated and crazy from it all.  Glad to separate it a bit.

That’s all for now folks.  I’m sure I’ll think of more to say as soon as I hit submit. 


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