Its just not fair

As of today there is one week of school left for Becca, and what happens?  She wakes up sick.  I first heard the cry coming from her room this morning.  I went in to investigate.  She was standing up in bed, so I assumed it was a head drop into her bed (this happens a lot).  Brought her into David and my room so we could snuggle before we officially had to start getting ready for school.  I first notice her face is covered in dry, crusty snot.  YUCK!  Poor kid.  I knew she had one other episode last night of hitting her head or something, so maybe she cried a lot last night and we didn’t hear her?

It quickly became evident by listening to her breathe once she stopped crying what the problem was.  Stuffy, snotty nose.  You know – the sound they make when breathing through the nose doesn’t quite work so well.  I change her into the shirt I have for her to wear today and notice her core body is burning up.  Umm – her night clothes are a lightweight cotton blend.  It hits me – she is sick.

One week of school left and my poor kid has to miss school for illness.  Of course I reckon it could be worse, her birthday is in two weeks.  I guess if you have to get something that may make you feel like crud for a week, get it done BEFORE your birthday.  Summer colds are bad enough, but a summer birthday cold?  That is just plain unfair.

Earlier this week at school was Field day.  You know that old time Elementary school end of year event where all the kids go to different “stations” outside and play fun, silly games.  Being a stay at home mom is great, because I could go and hang out, take pictures and watch my little girl.

Aside from the fact it was upper 90s for temps, it was a fun day.

The theme was all Dr. Seuss. I forget which story this one was playing off of (or part of).  But the idea was the kids stacked the bean bags on their heads and ran around the swingset (which is behind me).  Becca did not tolerate having the silly bean bag on her head (which BTW is why she doesn’t have a hat on either – she will not allow it).  Other games included “One Fish, Two fish”, a shoe toss (umm from the foot book maybe?).  I reckon the bubbles weren’t themed, just a fun bubble area.

Other than her cold thins remain status quo for Becca.  Seizures still bad.  We’ve gotten her back onto her previous dose of Lamictal.  We’ve sorted out the issue with her prescription for levocarnitine (a form of carnitor).  This supplement is supposed to help her utilize the fats on the Keto Diet better.  As one of the top Keto-dietitians put it “think of it as the shovel that moves the fuel (fats) into the furnace (your brain)”.  Since the purpose of the diet is for kids to use fat for fuel instead of carbs/sugars any deficiency in this nutrient can make it not work right.   It would seem like Becca is storing most of the fat instead of using it for fuel.

Well I guess that is about all for now.  Since I started typing this, Becca has at least moved off the couch and is now sitting on the floor playing with a toy.  You can always tell when the Tylenol kicks in.


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