I’ve taken the original intro to this down in light of what I’ve learned about the ipad we thought she was going to be getting. Since I have only suspicions (based on a whole lot of odd things that don’t add up) I won’t say more.

Becca had a chance to play with an iPad during OT this past week.  LennoxBaker has procured one for the therapists to use during therapy.  The first App that Sarah pulled up was the Wheels on the Bus app.  I really wish I had my video camera that day, and should have just used my cell phone to video her face.  Truly priceless.  She was in LOVE.  Granted it wasn’t long of playing with the iPad before that love turned to totally overwhelmed, but she did love it.  She was actively trying to use it.  I’m so excited.

Today ended up being a stay at home with momma day.  She had a BAD seizure first thing this am.  Right before breakfast.  Of course then she was too sleepy to finish breakfast.  So I decided to let her lay down on the couch to sleep for a bit.  Then she got a nasty case of the hiccups.  How cruel can things be?   After her nap she went on quite the rampage – both play and “what can of trouble can I get into”.  Thank goodness the trouble has slowed down.

I’m still very frustrated with the Ketogenic diet.  Right now its more trouble than its worth.


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