This time with pictures

I finally got around to getting the pictures from the luau off my handy handheld video recorder that my sweet Hubby got me for Christmas.  I love my little toy.  I can take videos or pictures – even underwater.

As I was moving the pictures to the computer I found one I forgot about (even though it isn’t even old).  I guess that is the benefit of aging.  You forget pictures you took less than a month ago.

So without further ado – here is a forgotten picture of Rebecca.  I’d just pulled a very loose tooth, and her gap was just too cute.

I sure hope the tooth fairy pays good

She was a bit traumatized by pulling that tooth.  It was loose, but not as loose as I thought.  Chalk that one up to a Mom fail.  *oops*  But what was I supposed to do?  Wait until she swallowed it?  Let her mouth a toy a little too roughly and rip it out like she did with her first loose tooth (which coincidently is how I learned they have to be pulled).    The good thing is I was soon forgiven.

Here is a shot of Rebecca and I at the luau.  Her teacher took this one.  The ever present chewy is in Becca’s mouth, but at least she is looking at the camera.


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