Blogging take 2

Well since Blogger decided to go all wonky and delete blog posts, and blogs and shows no signs of recovery I decided to start over.  I was tired of waiting.  I had new things to blog about!

So I did a little searching for OTHER blog sites, deciding I was gonna “move”.  Hopefully this home will be a tad more stable.

Being that this site is much more techie (not for a the faint of heart I’d say) I’m hoping it means its more stable.  (But yowser I can do soo much more.  Dude – Google may own Blogger but for being the master of widgets they are far behind the curve on this one).

I hate starting over, but oh well.

So what did you miss?  Me talking about Becca’s Luau at school on Friday.  Becca and her friends partied most of the day Friday over at the Edison Johnson Rec Center.   She seemed to have fun, but my poor sweetie was easily overwhelmed.  At times she quite literally climbed up me.  I finally retrieved her wheelchair just so she could have a “safe place” to watch everyone else (and so I didn’t have to lug her 45 lb frame around).   She got to see one of her buddies from the Pre-K program.  But alas – her old boyfriend Orion snubbed her.  He is loving life with his new friends (and if you ask him he has new girlfriends).  Thats okay Orion – Becca has new boyfriends – and some of them are bigger than you are.  Okay its not all Becca’s fault – one of the boys in her class is nicknamed “Romeo” – he is the sweetest thing ever, but he will try to “woo” any girl he can.

Becca’s seizures continue to be REALLY bad.  As of tonight (the 18th) she is only 11 seizures shy of the TOTAL number of seizures she had for all of April.  Umm, in case you are missing that, there are still 13 days left in the month, and she has had nearly as many seizures this month as she did last month.  NOT good.  


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